Monday, March 23, 2015

38 months on the dot

I go in this Saturday for my monthly rerighten so my new post will have pictures of that. But this month I experimented with curls again. This time I pulled out the loc loops. I had not used the lock looks in yearssssss. But they came great. I ran out and I had to use flexirods in the back. Pray I find the other bag with them in it. I really don't want to have to purchase some more especially when I know I have a ton. They lasted for over 10 days. Then I just wanted to wash my who knows how long they would have lasted.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

37 months/retighten/pictures

So its been 9 weeks and boy was I in need for a retighten.... It took a whooping 7 hours to tame this mane. But I am happy with the final products... Next session I am going to let my consultant combine 5-7 locs that are thin.... Below are some pictures of my hair... Boy am I happy to see my scalp again! Also check out the length...On 2/23/15 I will celebrate 37 months with my sistwrlocks. As always thank you for viewing my page!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 + years and counting baby

OK. So my actual 3 year Sisterlocks anniversary was on January 23,2015.... But I didn't upload a picture... I go in this upcoming Saturday, Feb.21,2015 for a long overdo retighten.... But here are some before and during pictures that I took a few weeks ago with my Sisterlocks.. Until next times guys!  New photos after my retighten will be following in a few days. Thanks for watching, following, and all of your positive words of encouragement! Love you all! Thanks for walking this journey with me for the last 3years! Can't wait to see what my sistetlocks do going into year 4....

Monday, December 22, 2014

35 months

My curls for graduation only lasted a few days. But I decided to show you different angles of my Sisterlocks. almost three years in and I still have my grid and straight parts throughout my head. Thanks for viewing

I graduated with My Master Degree!

Hello everyone I graduated with my Master in Clinical Social Work on 12/13/14. I decided to do curls but I didn't separate them BC I have a lot of hair. They dropped just right on the big day. Below are some pictures of my big day. Until next time!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Update just in time for homecoming

I am on a roll with the post today. Any who, it is my alma mater homecoming this weekend, and I decided to get my hair styled in a up do. As you guys know, I love getting my hair styled however, bwcuase of life I have niw been able to have my hair styled as much as I use to. For a while now, I have just been getting my hair retighten every 4 weeks and rocking a free style. So I called one of my favorite locician in the hampton roads area. She is  not, I repeat not a sisterlocks consultant or trainee ( however i have been trying to convince her for years to go the class) she is a license climatologist and she specializes in natural hair, locs, and color.  She do loc retighten. She is very talented and I always refer people to her if they I cannot afford sisterlocks but want traditional locs. Her name is Faith.... I typically come to her for my styles and go to my sisterlocks consultant for my retighten. But enough talking here is my new hairstyle....
Until next time...